Ricardo Moreno

(Bogotá, 1984)

Colombian artist, researcher and cultural manager, Master in Fine Arts from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University; Master in History and Theory of Art, Architecture and the City from the National University of Colombia. He resides and works in Bogotá, Colombia.

Paisaje Bazurto


Installation video.

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© Manuel Castells/University of Navarra Museum

About the work

Ricardo Moreno is a Colombian artist, researcher and cultural manager. His practice questions the idea of ​​progress in modern society and the way in which it contributes to creating divisions in the territory. His audiovisual production explores the conflicts behind economic, social and political systems.

Bazurto Landscape, the piece in the projection room, is an installation that has been modified for the museum space. Ricardo addresses the idea of ​​limit, segregation, distance and identity. The artpiece is named after the Bazurto market, the space we “walk through” in the video. The market is a point of contrast between the city of Cartagena, internationally recognized for its tourist attraction and “the other city” of Cartagena, the home of the workers that make the city’s tourism industry thrive. This video is a compilation of records of walks in the market, which is overloaded with stimuli, colors, sounds and people living together.

Ricardo tells us about his piece “Paisaje Bazurto proposes a drift through the market, added to an electroacoustic composition of the most representative sounds of this market. Also to contrast that idea, of this white, aseptic city with the daily practices of the people and the territory of Cartagena. ” Have you ever been to a market like this? What do you think of the Bazurto market?