Raúl Hevia

(Oviedo, 1965)

Artist, independent curator and university professor. Diploma of Advanced Studies and Research Proficiency from the University of Oviedo. Master in Ibero-American Expert in Development Cooperation and PhD candidate in Art History, both from the University of Cantabria. He resides and works in Santander, Spain

Historia de la pintura en Bilbao a través de 8 distritos, 39 barrios, 872 calles, 1 archivo, 453 muestras, 2 piernas y un mapa


File with wall paint samples of different colors

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© Manuel Castells/University of Navarra Museum

About the work

Raúl Hevia is an Asturian artist living in Santander. He is currently completing his doctorate in art history from the University of Cantabria. He investigates the faculty of memory to fictionalize reality and its ability to alter it, as well as the relationships or levels that are established between an archive and the present, giving a relevant role to the imagination and to the subjectivity of the viewer.

The piece History of Painting in Bilbao Through 8 Districts, 39 Neighborhoods, 872 Streets, 6 Months, 1 File, 2 Legs and 1 Map, is a research project carried out by the artist that is based on the knowledge of color from Bilbao. Raul has created a detailed archive of the colors in which the city is painted. With this, he proposes sensitive explorations of the environment, and  perceives it beyond the immediacy of an image.

Usually the artist generates an investigation based on the context of his environment, but in this piece he moves away from people and spaces to undergo a process where he takes samples and makes a more detailed narration of his process. Have you ever noticed the colors of your city? What colors can you perceive in this exhibition?