Olalla Gómez

(Madrid, 1982)

Spanish artist. She has a degree in Fine Arts and a Master in Art, Creation and Research from the Complutense University of Madrid. She lives and works in Madrid, Spain.




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© Manuel Castells/University of Navarra Museum

About the work

Olalla Gómez is a Spanish artist whose work is conceptual and based on the present, where she addresses political and social issues. In her works she uses different artistic resources, such as sculpture, photography, installation, among others. All of them to express their criticism from a poetic narrative that covers social issues.

The work in front of you is called Libertad, an installation created by Olalla that will only work together with the help of other people. In this piece the artist wants your body to be your tool so that you can see how freedom is perceived. For her, the syntactic simplicity of the phrase “freedom is dependent or it is not” and the categorical nature of her statement are reminiscent of the street graffiti that you can find in cities. It reaffirms the difficulty of individual freedom without considering others. As the artist says: “for me, in the end, freedom is that, it is an awareness that we are always affecting other people.”

The installation proposes that you play, that you come closer and that you invite other spectators to join in to be able to light it up completely, so that together they can achieve “freedom”. Have you managed to complete the whole sentence? What feelings has it generated in you?